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by saxgrobie
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20 years ago

starting tenor- what reed should I use?

I play the alto and I am on Vandoren 4s with no problem. My teacher is letting me use one of the school's tenors to see how I like it. What strength reed do you think I should start out with? Thanks for the help, Kelsey

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  1. by John Coltrane
    (84 posts)

    20 years ago

    Re: starting tenor- what reed should I use?

    well what style of music are you playing? if ur playing jazz i would use Vandoren ZZ, Java's or blue boxes and for str wise for jazz 2.5 or 3's nothing to hard. For classical, Vandoren Blue boxes and 3 or 3.5. But for a new tenor play it might be hard to use these right off. So work with Rico's or La Voz for like a week or short time aand then use Vandorens.

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