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19 years ago

My New Instructional Book...

Hi guys, just wanted to post that I've got a new book out called "SAXOPHONE - Everything Sax Players Should Know!". Topics include... Equipment - Reeds - Mouthpieces - Necks, Ligatures, Everything Else - Embouchure - Breathing & Vibrato - How to Practice - The Keys of the Saxophone - The Circle of 5ths / Cycle of 4ths - Maj., Minor, Dominant, Minor 7 b5, Diminished, Whole-Tone Scales - The Blues & Pentatonics - Soloing (Improvisation) - Suggested Listening - Customizable Equipment Archive - My favorite Alternate & Altissimo Fingerings, etc... and there are 10 pages of blank staff paper included and ten pages of blank note paper for use at lessons included at the back of the book. Some great photos too :) Just wanted to let U guys know about it. There are some excerpts up on The book is going for $11.95 + Shipping and is being published by I hope U all enjoy it! Thanx & God Bless, Aaron >

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  1. by aaronsantee
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    19 years ago

    Re: My New Instructional Book...

    So what do U all think of the book? :) I look forward to hearing your comments! God Bless, Aaron >

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