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by rednecksax
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13 years ago

reed prices

Are alexander reeds really worth it? They are twice the price of vandorens (which i hate) but if they last and are wonderful reeds, I'm game to switch. I play alto in 11th grade and pay for all of my musical needs. And please dont let this turn into a hissyfit because I'm getting annoyed by that crap. I'm just a country boy looking for a great reed, and if I want a fight, I'd rather do it in person.

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  1. by baronvonmeskel
    (17 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: reed prices

    This is an old post, so I'm not sure anybody will read it. Anyways, I tried the Alexander reeds and was impressed and dissapointed at the same time. They are good consistant reeds and I enjoyed how long of a life they have. The thing I didn't like was the fact that you need to put them through a pretty thorough break in process. I hate that. I like to wet a reed down, slap it on and be able to play it within a few minutes. I don't like to have to take time out of practicing for three days to break in a reed. If you decide to go with them I would suggest keeping some cheaper reeds for backup in case you break an alexander. that was you can slap one on while you start the three day break in process.

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  2. by connsaxman_jim
    (2336 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: reed prices

    Have you tried LaVos? I used them for years until my local music store quit selling them in favor of Vanduren reeds. I have been using Vanduren V16's, and at first I liked them, but the last couple boxes just didn't feel the same and I think I may order some more LaVos reads online. The Rico Royal reeds aren't too bad either.

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