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by queen of the saxes
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13 years ago

Tenor Sax Repair Madness!!!!!!!!

I have a really old Armstrong 3040 Elkhartind USA Tenor Sax. It looks ok but it doesn't play any notes above the middle D and every note it plays is like a half a step flat and sometimes a whole step flat. What would you guys say is wrong with it. I have no clue? maybe it's the pads, but i need some help. Would it be a good sax if i got it fully repaired, or do you guys think i would be wasting my money? I really want to play tenor, I already play alto and soprano. Is Armstrong a good brand? If any one can give me some answers please do. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks: Lindsey

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  1. by johnsonfromwisconsin
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    13 years ago

    Re: Tenor Sax Repair Madness!!!!!!!!

    1) If every note plays a half-step flat, then it's easy, just push in. It could also be caused by other various setup issues. 2) Pad condition would indeed cause problems playing notes 3) Armstrong makes student horns, which typically aren't worth a lot of effort to recondition. a "full repair" would mean an overhaul to me. Those can vary in price depending on where you live and the competency of the technician. Tenor madness does good work from what i hear.

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