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by jet23461
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9 years ago

bariton saxophone

Hi is there anyone who kniws something about a bariton saxophone GAILLARD & LOISELET PELISON BLANCHON & CIE  Maison fondee 1812    successeurs lyon-paris  in the leaves there is a star it says 38....inside the bell it says HV 79......near the gis thete is a 5 digitnumber 10...     it has also 2 octaaf pads.  I hope somebody knows something greetzz jet


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  1. by Saxquest
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    9 years ago

    Re: bariton saxophone

    This is most likely a 1930's saxophone. Gaillard et Loiselet were successeurs to the LYON-PARIS Pelisson House that was founded in 1812. Gaillard et Loiselet assumed the business in about 1937. The 38 inside the leaves of the star indicte a date that the sax was sold.

         Mark Overton


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