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by ChristineMoon
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4 years ago

2nd player, 2nd mouthpiece?

My son has recently decided he wanted to play saxophone, and due to school schedules, he will be able to share his sister's (a Selmer-Bundy II alto sax). 

Obviously they will have their own reeds, but I think it would be easier (and more hygenic!) to keep their own mouthpieces. The problem is, there is a huge range of products and prices, and I know nothing about them. 

I dont even know if he'll stick with playing, and I don't have the money to spend. Would there be a problem with learning on a $20 mouthpiece? And if he does learn it, would you recommend that he (would he be able to) switch to his sister's mouthpiece for the night of a concert?

Any recommendations for a confused mom? 

Thanks in advance!! 

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  1. by JonHuff
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    4 years ago

    Re: 2nd player, 2nd mouthpiece?

    If you watch ebay you can pick up a used Selmer C* or Yamaha 4C or something like that for very cheap, and that will certainly get a beginner going. There's nothing wrong with sharing a mouthpiece too, and they sell products like sterisol that you can spray in the mouthpiece to sanitize it out.

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