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by canpafe
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13 years ago

Music is easy...right?

Hey all! I'm new to the site. Interesting place here. Definitely some good stuff and some not so good stuff. I'm looking forward to reading more and checking you all out. I would imagine that a lot of you have read "Effortless Mastery." Good stuff! Any thoughts? My topic is from that book. The author, Kenny Werner, says that music is's just that most of it is unfamiliar.

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  1. by Sax Mom
    (964 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: Music is easy...right?

    I'm not familiar with the book, but I will respond to the "Music is easy...right?" comment. Yes and No. Some people are gifted with musical ability. For them, music is easy. Some people are not so gifted, but work hard, and develop skills so that music becomes easy. Still others are not gifted with an ear to hear the music in such a way to perform it in tune or in rythym. For them, music will never be easy. Training and practice can go quite a distance, but some people have other gifts, and music is not one of them.

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    1. by chiamac
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      13 years ago

      Re: Music is easy...right?

      I agree with the music is easy thing.... A lot of things that "seem" hard become easier once a person lears the right way of doing them. For example (not about music) I drive forklift on the weekends, it's a great college job and pays me around $200 a week. Now the first few weeks were hard because I didn't know what I was doing, where things went, and how to move products off/on pallets. Things got a lot easier since I've been doing it for 3 months, and I'm one of the top people on my shift. I just learned the "right" way to do things. (I could also go into silver soldering and stone settings and other art metal stuff, but the forklift thing was more fun to talk about) Music is the same... Sight reading may seem hard, but I bet it will be easier once someone does it a lot. same goes for scales and really anything. it's not magic, everything is out there to be learned - there isn't a big mystery about it. =) I'm not sure about the "gifted" argument. I'll agree that those people do have it easy, but I belive that hard work will pay off...

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