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by sofian444
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13 years ago

King Zephyr Tenor Sax

i have a king zephyr tenor, made in the 1965-1970 time period. its a school saxophone, but i ABSOLUTELY love it! sadly its in very bad condition, the bottom is almost totally flat becuase the case is too small for the instrument when i put the neck stopper in. theres dents all over the neck and and bottom of the bell. i was thinking of getting it totally fixed with my own saved-up money, but i wanted to know whehter or not zephyrs are good instruments to begin with, so i have an idea of how it will sound after i get it fixed. my friend said zephyrs are legendary. my sax responds very fast, but the tone is mediocre. i rejected one of the schools best saxes, a ROC that plays surprisingly well with GREAT tone. im also about to reject a new cannonball, call me crazy but i love my sax that much. also, how do you know when to replace your pads? if i get my sax fixed, will it make a difference? i also want to know about zephyrs. ive tried to find information on them, but i havent found much. thanks for all that can help!

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  1. by johnsonfromwisconsin
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    13 years ago

    Re: King Zephyr Tenor Sax

    Some people like the old Kings. If you like yours, you may be better off buying one rather than purchasing and restoring the school horn you have. It's probably a lot cheaper that way. more information on King Zephyr saxophones:

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    1. by connsaxman_jim
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      13 years ago

      Re: King Zephyr Tenor Sax

      King Zephyrs are great horns. One of my personal favorites as well. I would suggest taking the horn to a reputable tech to have it looked at before doing anything. It may require more work to fix it than it's worth. If that be the case, there are quite a few of these old horns around. King Super 20's are really nice too, but usually go for considerably more money. If you like the sound and feel of the vintage horns, you may want to check out a Conn or a Beuscher too. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to hang onto the old King though.

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