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by girl28
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4 years ago

Help me ID this vintage sax

We got this sax today for $55 at a local thrift. The serial number is 68111. Its a true tone low pitch sax. I cant seem to find a sax that looks familliar. I know nothing about saxophones. what is the value of this beautiful thing? and what series did it come from? any info will help :) thanks.

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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: Help me ID this vintage sax

    The serial number dates it to 1907.  It's a Buescher True Tone model.  It's more of interest as an antique than as a musical instrument, although as a low pitch saxophone it can be played with ensembles tuned to modern standards.  It being that True Tones are very common horns and there's nothing outstanding about that particular example, its main value is in the antiquarian joy that it is providing for you.

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