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by Aidan Hickey
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19 years ago

Yanagisawa A902 or Toptone TT25

Hi, I am new to the saxophone game. I have been playing for a year now and have made good progress. I am looking to upgrade my saxophone. I have Yamaha YAS275. I have tried a lot of saxophones, Yamaha 62 82, Yanagisawa A901 &A902, Toptone TT25 PRO Vintage. The one that I liked the most was the Toptone. It has got a new Pad system and it sounds super. The problem is that they are a new company and not alot is known about them. Also the toptone is about £2000 stg. That has pushed me towards the Yanagisawa. I would appreciate feedback in regard to the Yanagisawa A902 and also does anybody know anything about Toptone?

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