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by suzabell
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4 years ago

Antique Martin Saxophone

Hi! I am not a player, but my great uncle gave me his old sax from the 1920s (I believe) It says Martin on the front. I have several mouthpieces and even a music holder used for marching band. It hasn't been played in probably 60 years and has developed quite a patina. I was wondering how much it might be worth or even if anyone would be interested in buying it.


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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: Antique Martin Saxophone

    Those old Martins are good horns, but as far as value is concerned condition is everything and that one looks pretty ratty.  The worst news is that it looks corroded, which might mean physical damage to the body or action.  As a salvage project type of horn it would have very little value.  If it is a low pitch horn  it has potential value, but only after a lot of repair work.  You should also determine what kind of saxophone it is.

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