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13 years ago

Hello True Sax Blowing People

Hello Sax people, I found this site through my research looking for a good soprano that will stay in tune=-), and a new mouthpiece for my Selmer. My History: I have been playing a Super Action 80 for 12+ years and have really enjoy it (I just replaced all the pads and almost have it back to normal). I started out on a Silver Conn Ltd. (cira 1919), then I owned a Cleveland for a couple of years, and played a Mark VI for a couple of years till I bought the SSA 80. I also play a (cira 1992) YAS 875 Custom from time to time. I need to sell one, but for now I guess I have the best of both worlds. Sax Uses: How about Pro Praise? I use mine in Contemporary Christian and Christian Praise Music. I love to give back, what little I have, to Him what He has blessed me with. Current: It is time for a new jazz mouthpeice. I have a small mouth and small lips so I hve been toying with the idea of playing the Soprano. I also have just had all my teeth streightened so there are a few changes that I am working with. Kids: Playing with braces is not fun, but no pain no gain=-). Opinions: I am new here and I have read all the blasting and praising of cheap and expensive china horns=-). Not everyone can buy a BMW 7 or a find a mint 1967 Mustang, but if you are blessed you will find a good deal on a used axe that still has a little juice left in it. I have never played these new brands, but plan to try a few. I will say the player makes the horn and a great horn will not make you a player, but if the tone of the horn is not good or you cant keep it out of the shop you will not be happy. I never have my horns in the shop unless it is pads or a cork. Advice: My sax teacher was retired fromm the Air Force Jazz Band. He used to say, "If you are going to play the sax then blow the thing don't suck on it". There are few players who are not afraid to blow it!

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  1. by martin_alto
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    13 years ago

    soprano for sale

    this horn might be of interest to you. go on ebay and search using this item#16203 PRB

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