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by Silver40
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4 years ago

Buscher model S-33

I have a Buscher Alto Saxaphone S/N 111908 Model S-33 purchased in 1961.  Can anyone give me any history on these saxaphones and the reason I can't find anything close to that S/N in that era.  Also approxamate value in good shape.


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  1. by barisaxalpha
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    4 years ago

    Re: Buscher model S-33

    The serial number is more likely 411908. There have been reports on other forums of the S-33s having seemingly nonsensical S/Ns for when they were made. Most likely the 1 at the beginning was a mistake or a worn 4 stamp. These horns were produced around the time that Selmer USA bought out Buescher.

    I had one of these horns a few years ago and greatly regret selling it. I really liked the horn. It was easy to play and was very sturdily built.

    Unfortunately, since it's not a model 140 or earlier Aristocrat, the market for these is limited and they usually are considered student horns. Therefore, they're not worth a whole lot. At full retail, I'd say under $600 in outstanding condition with a fresh repad. Everything's subjective

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