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by alysejoy
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13 years ago

How to sell a sax

Hi, my name is Alyse and I'm new to this website but I really like it a lot! I was wondering if anyone could help me out, because I'm trying to upgrade saxes, but first I have to sell my Selmer Bundy II alto, and I have no idea how much it's valued at or how much to sell it for. It's in great shape- it sounds nice, has some minor dents and scratches, but is fine other than that. I've had it for almost 8 years now, so it's pretty used, but I just wanted to know if anyone could help me figure out what a fair price would be!! Thanks a lot!

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  1. by definition
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    13 years ago

    Re: How to sell a sax

    A bundy II alto in good shape can fetch a decent amount, in the rage of 6 to 7 hundred easy. Mine on the other hand... was used and abused; it currently has a square bell; it is tiger stripped(dont ask how that was done). I am constantly realigning the bell keys... I dont think mine is worth the brass it was made from and could maybe get about 2 or 3 hundred

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  2. by John Coltrane
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    13 years ago

    Re: How to sell a sax

    you can probably get up to 500-700 for it, depends on where u sell it. and what kind of sax were u looking to upgrade too?

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    1. by johnsonfromwisconsin
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      13 years ago

      Re: How to sell a sax

      I dissagree with the $500-$700 assessment. Second hand stores usually sell excellent condition Bundy IIs for not much more than $500, and they'd buy the same for probably less than half that. I see a lot of decent-condition Bundys and Bundy IIs sell a lot in the $400-450 range at those places and you have to consider the credibility to the sale that a retail outlet adds for them to be able to charge even that much. I don't see how that horn is worth more than $350 or $400 from a personal sale, and that's *if* it doesn't need work of any sort. Consigned, you could get the same price through the store, but with probably a $100 consignment fee at the time of sale.

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