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by aaronsantee
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19 years ago

Altissimo PDF

I just added a PDF download of all the alternate & altissimo fingerings from my book ( pages 37, 38, & 39 ) at Cost is $3.00 I included only my most used altissimo fingerings and all my favorite alternate fingerings - it doesn't make sense to me to learn ten different fingerings for an altissimo B if I use just one 99% of the time! Fingerings (and the entire book) is designed w/a common sense approach, keeping in mind practicality for use in even the most stressfull performance situations - so one can concentrate on playing, not on the instrument. Enjoy & God Bless, Aaron > (P.S., be sure to check out excerpts from my book "SAXOPHONE - Everything Sax Players Should Know!" at )

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  1. by Mobile Band
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    13 years ago

    Re: Altissimo PDF

    Unfortunately the file is gone . . . Maybe you cab put it in here again? swing band berlin

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