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all county

Blaah. I'm trying out for all county next saturday, and this is the first year I've been serious about it. I've made it twice in the past, and this year I really want to make it to repay the parents for the sax they bought me. I've got my solo down almost perfect, scales are a breeze and my sound is greatly improved. In the past years I've gotten up at 10am and practiced until we left for NCCC and when we got there, I practiced in the aud for 20 minutes then tried out. Is this a good thing to do? I've heard your supposed to take a break for a few days before and only play a little bit before you try out. What do you recommend to do?

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    Re: all county

    Play as much as you can to get yourself ready. The myth that you are going to blow your chops is perpetuated by directors, especially of young bands so you dont play so much before the show. The playing will do nothing but further help you to beat the competition. GOOD LUCK!

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