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by Axman
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13 years ago

buying a tenor - opinion

I have an old orpheum (made by conn). The thing is a tank with terrible action; I bought it for $85 in an antique store. It plays but I'm ready to upgrade. Can't afford expensive selmers, etc..[I have too many other expensive hobbies)..... but requesting your opinions between 2 horns: Conn M10 and Buffet Crampon Both in about the $600 range in playing shape. Does anyone have any preference over one or the other and why? thanks for any responses appreciated.

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  1. by phathorn
    (165 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: buying a tenor - opinion

    I would get the 10M and spend a few bucks to have it set up properly. 10Ms have one of the biggest sounds of any horn ever made

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  2. by connsaxman_jim
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    13 years ago

    Re: buying a tenor - opinion

    I would definately go with the Conn 10M. It's a much better sounding/playing horn than the Buffet. Buffet Clarinets are top of the line; such as the famous R-13, but their saxophones are more entry level. Plan on spendig a little money to have the 10M set up right and properly adjusted, maybe even a repad. I play a 10M all the time. There are some that play better, but nothing sounds better than a Conn 10M!

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