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13 years ago

Learning Tab (DVD or Computer Games)

Hello: I just bought a new YAS-23 and I want to learn to read (Tab) music. Is there any DVD follow along or computer games that someone could recomend to me...? What program is the best to get? Thanks

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  1. by spottspidermunki
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    13 years ago

    Re: Learning Tab (DVD or Computer Games)

    i've never had to read tab, but i have seen examples of it. i can't say that i know of any program or walk-through that teaches u the basics of it. i don't mean to sound haughty or anything, but do u know how to read sheet music? if u don't, i would suggest that u learn that b4 tabs. tabs are going to limit u in what u can play. theres a very limited selection of good music through tabs. i would definately go w/ sheet music. if u already read music, then i don't think tabs will give u that much trouble. jus use ur head, and it should come together quite easily for u. best of luck 2 u! Joel

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