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My high school band plays with the hartford symphany (CT) bianually, and every time 4 soloists are featured (2 singers and 2 instrumentalists). i have decided to try out for this, but am having difficulty chosing a concerto for alto sax. i need something that will be exciting enough for the people who will be coming (a lot of which will be parents of the band students, and people who do not appreciate slower music) but not amazingly difficult. it needs to be a classical concerto, and I only need to play one movement. originally i chose "Brazileira" (the 3rd movement of Darius Milhaud's Scaramouche, and apparantly from a west side story) which i liked alot because i prefer jazz over classical and it had a slightly latin jazz feeling to it. it's convenient too, because i listened to a recording and i know basically what it sounds like. however ive had problems with ordering it and it wont arrive in time. so now i just bought a piece because i am really pressed for time and it's concerto for alto sax and orchestra by paul creston. i have no idea what it sounds like, which i really wish i did. i wanted to know if u think its a good piece, or if u have any suggestions for other pieces. i would appreciate something that isnt incredibly difficult as tryouts are Jan. 7, yes, only about 2 weeks to practice. i would say i am an advanced student though, if that helps. thank you so much Jess :)

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