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by Andrae
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13 years ago

1914 silver plated Conn alto sax

I have inherated this wonderful sax and i was trying to restore it. is there anything that i need to know about doing so? also, where is a good place in southern california would do this? there is also a i guess you can say a spring under the High Octave E key, and it doesn't look like i would be able to walk into a store and find this, what should i do?

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    13 years ago

    Re: 1914 silver plated Conn alto sax

    First of all, the sax most likely is a New Wonder series I Conn, made between 1917 and 1925, The 1914 date that you are seing is the patent date for the rolled tone holes. Does it have a microtuner neck? If so, then it's a 1922 or later. I most definately would NOT try to recondition this sax yourself if you have no prior knowledge. I would take it to a reputable technition in your area. Most springs are available or can be fabricated and made to work. I purchase and restore many of these older Conn horns.

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    1. by teddyballgame
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      12 years ago

      Re: 1914 silver plated Conn alto sax

      I just picked up one of these horns. The 5 digit serial number starts with 46 and it has mother of pearl key inlays and the pan american engraving on the bell. I assume it is from 1917 or 1918. AND, It still sounds great. I know condition is really the determining factor here but where do these particular models stand as far as value? I know it is definitely worth it to have this baby restored for my own use but im curious as to whether or not the restoration price will out-weigh its book value. I havent been able to find any saxes of this year/model online or for sale as of yet so i don't really know how they stack up..

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