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13 years ago

what is better Refernce 36 or 54?

I need help becouse i don't know what sax is better to play jazz.

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    13 years ago

    Re: what is better Refernce 36 or 54?

    Both saxes are EQUALLY well suited to play jazz, just like any other horn. It is the player and the mouthpiece that makes the difference. The only difference is which legendary horn each is based upon. The reference is based on the 1954 Mark VIs, agrueably the best Mark VIs ever produced. The latter horn is based on the 1936 Selmer Super Balanced Action. Both are great horns, supposedly with the same sound of the vintage horns they are based on but with modern keywork. If you are intrested in buying one, the best suggestion is to try them both yourself yourself and determine which plays better for you, but dont decide not to try other horns, you may find you that the best horn for you isnt a Selmer, but maybe a Keilwerth or a Yanagisawa. Just keep your mind open and get the best horn for you.

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