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by saxlife59
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14 years ago

Keilwerth SX-90-Tenor

Hey guys, I've been without a tenor axe for awhile since my Gaurdala black nickel was pulverized by something heavy falling on top its neck(sob story) WIsh i was rich and could fly to NYC where all the horn shops are and try 8 or 9 Mark 6's and pick my favorite, but im not so for the money im going with the SX-90. So, I'd love to hear from all you Keilwerth tenor plaayers that have been playing yours for awhile now what you think so far?? Everything you expected?? Thanks, and God bless

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  1. by Spike
    (248 posts)

    14 years ago

    Re: Keilwerth SX-90-Tenor

    they rock hardcore. then again, some people hate them. they're BIG and they feel big and they sound big. best way to describe it. get the tone hole rings(sx-90r.) they're worth it. don't listen to saxman if he says otherwise^_^

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