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by eden2760
(2 posts)
13 years ago

legere reeds?

I just bought 2 because I wanted to try them they come in the mail soon.... does anyone know how they play though??? Looking for some inside info!

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  1. by frasermanx
    (9 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: legere reeds?

    I like them!! I just bought another one. Always ready to play and very versatile .. some say the Fibrocell are better 'cuz they sound better. They don't wear out but they can get damaged. You can't cut, file, or sand them though!! If anybody is selling a used Alto/sop one for cheap let me know

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  2. by Tenor_Guru
    (25 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: legere reeds?

    Legere reeds are utter crud compared to other plastic reeds!!! I personally play a Bari star soft reed. Or try codera reed. Anything bt legere....

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