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by *ThE SaX*
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13 years ago

I bid ye Howdy!

'Lo, my fellow saxophone enthus-ees. You can call me the The Sax. Four years ago I picked up my alto and under my fingers felt an awesome and inspiring challenge. Since then I have practiced practiced, practiced, and I now play in my High School band (second part, just until challenging starts). I love my horn (it's a Selmer USA, I know, makes you want to make a nasty face, but it's all I got and I love the thing, no matter it's, um, slight imperfections... *ahem* INTONATION *ahem* SUCKS *ahem*. Anyway, I've just got my hands onto a soprano and I'm loving it almost as much as my alto (which will always be my preferred sound and instrument). I am currently aspiring to go into music ed., mayhap high school band. But who knows, I've got a bit to make up my mind. Well, hello again, I look forward to my stay. Laterz...

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