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by sncjr
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13 years ago

Comments on DC Pro Alto Saxes...What you would consider an average price and is this an elite sax?

I am looking for an alto sax saxophone for myself. I know I want a top of the line sax that produces a good tone and I was leaning toward a jazz saxophone. One that I came across was a DC Pro and was wondering if somebody could help me by answering the topic questions and giving your suggestion of the best saxophone out there right now, why and if it will satisfy my jazz/classical/mainly jazz needs. Whoever could voice there opinion I would truely appreciate your advice...Thank you!

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  1. by phathorn
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    13 years ago

    DC pros are cheaply built taiwanese horns. If you want top line horns here are some suggestions... Yamaha professional models Yanigasawa Selmer Keilwerth B&S/Guardala If you look at vintage horns also add Conn New Wonder, 6M (and a few others) Martin ("The Martin") Buescher Tru-Tone, Aristrocrat King Zephyr, Super 20 Couf (not THAT vintage, but good horn) SML Bundy Special (Keilwerth stencil from the 50s) Be sure to play test as many horns as you can, our opinion means nothing in picking the horn that is best for YOU

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    1. by Alreed66
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      9 years ago


      I had a DC Alto Sax for 2 years before I sold it, while I was streamlining the amount of altos that I have. Here is my opinion of it. I paid $300 for mine brand new in 2005. It was not a bad horn for the money. The action was great and the sax never needed any work. There were some shortcomings. The sax was suppose to be completely checked out before it left the seller's shop. It apparantly never was. The cork tore the first time I went to use the horn, even with a lot of cork grease. On the low c key the felt was never cut down to proper size at the factory and there was a whole string of it coming out of the socket hole. On the bell, the DC logo engraving was done in a half sloppy manner and was half there and half illegible. The model I had was a copy of the YAS-52. They did a nice job copying the 52, however, the DC's metal was a bit thinner, especially at the bell flare. I also found the metal to be a little soft. Just prior to selling the sax, I found that a pin size dimple had formed on the back of the body just about an inch above the neckstrap and I had taken pristine care of this sax, and it was never dented, and did not have a single scratch in it. Also, when I won the sax on the auction, the case that was listed was a very protective hardshell case. The actual case that arrived, while light, convenient, and soft, was not very protecting. I realized that while carrying the horn that if I were to hit the case against anything that the horn would be damaged. The horn played well and the action was just as strong as it was with an actual Yamaha, and it held up. The sound was rather good, very bright. Shipping was a huge hassle. The sax was shipped to me via DHS. I was not home when DHS arrived and a note was left on my door. DHS made me travel 30 minutes to their center to pick up the sax. The sax was packed very well for shipping. Overall, though it was a good deal for the money.

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