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Hey guys, my name's Tony. I'm 25 and I have just started getting interested in playing the saxophone. If anyone can please help out, I got a couple of newbie questions: -first of all I want to play tenor eventually. Should I start off learning on tenor or alto? I also have a used Selmer Bundy Alto sax I got from a thrift store. It needs new pads and probably some other repairs and tuning. I got it for $100 -I was wondering if I should keep it and spend the $300-$400 to repair it, or just sell it back and start off with a brand new student level tenor or alto for about $400? -If I should keep the used alto, should I buy a new mouthpiece? (the old one's got bite marks on it.) Also, how do I clean the case? It stinks and it's lined with velvet on the inside. I appreciate any help/advice you guys can give me, I'm actually going to start taking private lessons in a week. I'll keep you guys updated.

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  1. by saxtranee
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    Re: Hello

    Hey there Tony. My name is Carter and i am 17 I have been playing the tenor for about five years now, and i love it. As for your questions: If you eventually want to play then tenor, then i would suggest learning on the tenor, even though the fingering are the same, they are in different keys the tennor being in b flat and the alto being in e flat, i would suggest learning on tenor because if you go frome alto to tenor you may be confused when it comes times to switch keys it may be confusing, i know it was for me when i switched to bari for marching band, but if you have the alto and you don't know for sure when you will get a tenor then you should just start learning and if you really spend some time with it i am sure that you will be fine with the key change and you may not be confused. As for if you should keep or sell that alto i say you sould sell it and start all over again espcially if it is going to cost the same amount to fix it as it is to get a new alto or tenor it could be more trouble than it is worth, plus you don't know how many people have played on that alto. And you really can't clean the case what you can do is either get it relined with a new liner or just get a new case, which i suggest doing because it could be in better condition. so i will talk to you later hope your lessons go well

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