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by Srinivas
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8 years ago

Newbie, from India - How do I learn?

Hi, everyone!

Srinivas here, from India.

I just bought a sax, and it should be shipped out to me by the end of May. 

My question is: Can I learn to play jazz COMPLETELY off of the internet? You see, where I live, there are no jazz musicians who play the saxophone. 

So, since I have nobody to study under, can I do this by myself, from YouTube and forums such as this one, and still be as good as someone who learned from a teacher?

Some background information: I play guitar and a little piano - blues and rock. I've been listening to jazz for more than four years now, and I have a reasonably good ear for music.

I'd love some help with this! Thanks in advance for your replies. 

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  1. by kelsey
    (930 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: Newbie, from India - How do I learn?

    The answer to your question is yes. Listening to the masters as you have been doing is the best teacher. You can get background tracks off the internet and play along with them. You can record what you sound like and listen to it back. Cheers!

    Barry Kelsey

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  2. by mijderf
    (282 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: Newbie, from India - How do I learn?

    There are also some sites with jazz instruction.  One example is  I have not tried any of these sites, but they are out there, so do some searching and you may find one that you like.

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  3. by bandmates_think_im_Saxy
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    8 years ago

    Re: Newbie, from India - How do I learn?

    While the answer is yes, you can. It is not exactly the best way to learn. Do you happen to have a "RealBook". If not, buy this off of Amazon and keep it for the rest of your life. I also recommend you get a book called "The Maiden Voyage" ( This book will teach you about impovisation and scales very well. 

    Keegan B.

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