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by mrd
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14 years ago

Cleaning a mouthpiece

If I purchase a used metal mouthpiece, that has minor bite marks, first, how can the mouthpiece be cleaned, and can the rubber bite piece be replaced? Thank you

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  1. by mosplace
    (26 posts)

    14 years ago

    Re: Cleaning a mouthpiece

    If I buy old mouthpieces, that don´t look so good, the first thing I do, is putting it in the dish washer. 2. if there is still some of that old mess left, I put it in my little super sonic cleaner. This is a lillte thing where you can clean up your glasses, jewelery etc. Works great, gets it all out there. If the rubber bite plate has only some thoothmarks I wouldn´t replace it. Over here in Germany it costs ca. 80 Euro to have only the bite plate replaced. What I do is, I have a friend which works in a dental lab. He takes it to work and polishes it. After that, it looks like new. Doesn´t cost me 1 Cent and works great.

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