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by saxmanBSHS
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13 years ago

1953 King Zephyr

I have been presented with a deal. A king Zephyr 1953 for under $400. Should i go for it? The sax is in excellent condition and is ready to play.

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
    (2336 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: 1953 King Zephyr

    Well in good condition, a King Zepher is worth $1500-$1800 easily! I would think that you would be a fool not to buy that one! The Zephyrs are great horns!

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    1. by definition
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      13 years ago

      Re: 1953 King Zephyr


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      1. by saxismyaxe
        (575 posts)

        13 years ago

        Re: 1953 King Zephyr

        Zephyrs are indeed great horns, however be aware that a bit if time after the introduction of the Super 20(which began production in 1945) and Super 20 Silver Sonic(1949) models, the Zephyr was relegated to the ranks of a student line of horns( Even though the early S 20s are little more than more elaborately decorated Zephyrs!). As a matter of fact, actual Zephyr and Zephyr Special models ceased prodution in 1945. Your horn would actually be a Zephyr II. This did not impact the quality and construction of the" Zephyr" horns through the late 40's ( they were still being well crafted) but by the 50's, the this model began to show signs of cost cutting and simplified construction. By th mid to late 60's, both lines of King horns started to slip drastically in quality/features until they were discontinued all together by 1975. In other words, a King Zephyr from 1940 is not the same animal a one from 1953, and should be valued accordingly. Having said all that, and set the record straight, $400.00 is still a good deal, provided the horn is in good condition. Cheers and good luck.

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