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by ericg2000
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14 years ago

Selmer AS210

Hello everyone... i played alto sax all the way thru highschool. I've been thinking about playing again (at church & stuff). I am considering buying the Selmer AS210 Alto Sax. I haven't played in several years and want to start playing again and i want a decent sax. I'm kind of bias towards Selmer, and thats what brand I will probably end up with. I was just wondering if anyone else had this particular sax and what they thought about it. Honest opinions apprieciated. Thanks

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  1. by definition
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    14 years ago

    Re: Selmer AS210

    I recomend the same horn for all the selmer biased people, a Monique pro series or a DC pro series from Dominique. You can find them on ebay. They are the closest(no joke) modern horn to a vintage mark VI and are available off ebay fer almost nothing. Intonation is spot on, you'll love it. Also, be sure to get a good mouthpiece, I suggest a HR selmer or a Hr otto link. Hope this helps!!!

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