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13 years ago

Old but new....

I'm another old fart that has decided I want to try the sax. I broke my left wrist several years ago and it limits my mobility. I find that guitar is getting very difficult but need an outlet. This has brought me to the sax. I almost bought a $200 sax on ebay, but have read the postings here and decided against it. My rationale for the ebay sax was that if I didn't take to it I was only out the $200. The downside is that if I do like it (and I think I will) I'm stuck with a cheap POS sax. My new approach is to rent locally. I can rent for about 5-6 months for that same $200 and by then I will know if it is for me. If so, I can keep renting until I own or buy the sax I'm renting. I have found a teacher, a local college student, who will work with me. She checked with her professor who said she had "taught several elderly people to play". I'm 47. (Ah to be young enough to think 47 is elderly....) This long winded intro gets me to my question. The options I have for rental are a new Selmer AS500 or a used AS300. There is a price difference but not a huge one. Which is the better choice? I believe the AS300 is US made and the AS500 is Taiwan. Does that matter? Will I be better off, in the long run, with a new one if I keep it? Any other input will be greatly appreciated. (by the elderly) Thanks!!

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