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19 years ago

Coltrane Sound?

I'm looking to get a good Coltrane like sound without paying too much. I know he played on a metal Otto Link, but would the hard rubber otto be as good? And if not, then would the NY model be good? Oh, and if anyone could tell me what facing to get with either of those for the sound I want, that'd be great. Any other mouthpiece recomendations along those lines would be appreciated too. Thanks.

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    19 years ago

    Re: Coltrane Sound?

    The knights templar of the saxophone are willing to advise here.Vintage metal links are probably your best course however you can get the same and even more with rubber links no bigger than an 8.Reason you will skate round on pitching otherwise.It takes a lot of skill to create Train on rubber links but the overall is better because you obtain greater width on your sound than vintage metal link.This is not apparent initially.Best advice would be to work on vintage link for a few years first.The other best way is get a skilled woodwind man to take a rubber link say a 6* dont touch the rails but gradually file a small step towards the tip .The result is the sound and power of an 8+ without effort also it creates lift on the rubber link which many search for.The lift is already in the metal links.The Knights state you must use links for your quest.Other than all this Freddie Gregory is a master in this area. Knights state Bird still Lives

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