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by jazzchick
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13 years ago


im going to order myself a box of these for alto. i currently play a 3 JAVA, so what strength would you suggest getting in a Superial? i had tried boxes of RICO jazz selects med-hard and hard, (it was a total waste of $30--they didn't play well at all). Anyway, I was just wondering if they tend to be on the softer or harder side. Thanks!

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  1. by tenor562
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    13 years ago

    Re: SUPERIAL reeds

    I'd get a 2.5 of superial. WWBW has comparison charts that will clarify this, but an Alexander 3 is really hard. I've played the 2.5's and they do a good job, they're around a ZZ 2.5-3 They tend to be much harder than ricos, and a little harder then Vandorens. Good Luck -tenor562

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