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19 years ago

Mark VI Alto Needs Adjusting

I have a Selmer Mark VI alto (made in France, serial no. 193xxx) that my parents bought for me brand new in 1972. I always treated it like a member of the family, and it was a thing of joy until recent years, when it started to go out of tune and some of the keys began to stick or leak. I shipped it to "Joe Sax" in 1998 for an overhaul, which cost a lot of $$ for repair and shipping. I was somewhat disappointed to find that it's not "good as new" again. Still somewhat out of tune -- can that be a permanent, unfixable problem now, even though it was practically perfect when new? Also the low notes are still a little leaky, and the bis key *still* sticks despite a new pad. Very embarrassing to be playing a popular tune and have Bb come out when you finger a B ! Temporarily "fixed" with baby powder on the pad. Anyway, can anyone recommend a good repair service in either the Seattle/Tacoma area, the Atlanta/Nashville area, or Southern California? I just discovered this website and I'm glad I did. I am not a professional musician, but I suppose a "serious amateur." Thanks in advance for any help

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    Re: Mark VI Alto Needs Adjusting

    A horn doesn't normally fall out of tune if it used to play in tune unless some significant damage has occurred up high - like the neck is caved in. Are you using the same mouthpiece? Certain pad leaks can cause intonation to fluctuate, but you would notice probably that the sound was suffering as well. If you stepped away from the horn for a number of years, you may have come back to it with enough of a different embouchre that you might need to build it back up or consider a different mouthpiece. I'm assuming you are using the Soloist it came with? Sticky keys and regulation are very solvable problems unless the hinge rod is bent into a pretzel. Check your email as I'd be glad to assist you with your dilemmas.

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