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by ESaxMcD
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3 years ago

Sounding different from recording

Hello, this is my first post. My question is when I play my tenor saxophone, to me I sound horrible but when I listen to a recording of myself it sounds fantastic, why is that? When I play my alto I sound the same as the recording. I've been playing the alto a lot longer than the tenor and have put off playing the tenor because of this. I tried researching this and have not come up with a viable answer and it's driving me nuts when I practice. Please help me!!!!!!!


Thanks in advance,

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  1. by GFC
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    3 years ago

    Re: Sounding different from recording

    There are lots of idiosyncracies in how mics pick up the sound of a saxophone, depending on the response of the mic, the sound level, room acoustics, mic placement, and so forth.  The larger the horn, the trickier the mic placement.  If your ears tell you one thing listening directly and another thing listening to a recording, believe them while listening directly.

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