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4 years ago

Conn Stencil Xcelo C-Melody Saxophone

A couple of years ago, my father bought me a vintage saxophone on eBay without really knowing what he was buying, just that the price was right and that I wanted a vintage saxophone. I tried searching and searching and searching for any information on this saxophone with little luck. Recently, I discovered that I was looking at a Conn stencil, and that did help narrow some stuff down, but I am still trying to find out what year the saxophone is.

It's an Xcelo C-Melody saxophone, patented Dec 8, 1914, and below that it reads "1119954." Next it has the "C" to indicate that it's a C-Melody. Below that it reads "P21899" and below that, the letter "L."

If anybody has ANY information at all regarding this saxophone, I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks a ton!

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    4 years ago

    Re: Conn Stencil Xcelo C-Melody Saxophone

    There is not any information known on the secondary stencil serial number sequences in that Conn sold horns in the stencil form to many different companies. But, there are a few signs that could indicate when it was manufactured. Most conn stencils never had a front F key unless it was a very late stencil. Late would be a C melody in the 1926 to 1930 range. A late stencil would probably, have the locking pivot screws on the high E low D flat., Side C arm. Conn used parts from the previous horn design in their stencils. This way they could use up those old parts and also not compete with their present horn design. If you want a true conn, you got to buy one. Pivot screw and old key design togather is a common thing to see. All had straight tone holes as opposed to rolled tone holes.

    But they were most likely made between 1921 and 1928. I am looking forward to what others may have to say. I refurbish a lot of Conn C melodies, They are something I really enjoy. The stencil horns are valuable to me as parts horns. ALWAYS. The shell rollers are priceless when you need one for a refurbishing.

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