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Martin Saxophone and Mouthpieces

I have a Martin Alto Saxophone which I have been told is a handcraft No 68XXX which I think was made in 1926. Were these student saxophones? I am not sure what type of handcraft this is other than it as a signature of the person who made it under the name MARTIN. Its also a red bronze colour. I would be interested in the hsitory of this sax as I think Martin formed another company after the main man died called the martin instrument company. Would this sax have been made by them? I also have two mouthpeices one called a Briihart model W facing L7 which is a white cream colour and a black ebonite one which as the word SPECIAL on the front and a "stable" facing does any one know much about these what does the special mean are the worth much? how much is the sax worth if I have it repadded? Thanks

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    Re: Martin Saxophone and Mouthpieces will tell you everythign you want to know. But in a nutshell, that is a pretty damned good sax, and far from being a student horn. If you get it padded, it should roar. The mouthpieces are pretty nice too. The white one will easily fetch about 200 andf up and the other one is worth a pretty penny too, but not as much as the other one.

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