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8 years ago

Need Help with Pricing and Advice

In October of my freshman year (nearly 3 years now) I purchased an Intermediate level Cannonball Sceptyr Alto Saxophone. I have loved this instrument and the brand it comes from throughout my entire highschool career, however I always wondered what I could trade it in for in order to purchase a better (professional level) horn. I have been playing sax for about 7-8 years now and will continue to do so my whole life and so believe the investment would be worth it.

My following questions are:

What could be the range of a price I could sell my alto for?

   As stated before the saxophone is a Cannonball Sceptyr
(mine is the third on the list)
It has been used and cared for 3 years now. After nearly every practice or performance with the horn I swab it out and use a pad protector, so the pads are in very good condition. There is minor scratches in some areas more towards the base of the bell, but nothing major or really distinugishable. The keys are my biggest concern because the original stones have 'dissolved' from use (which seems to be a big problem with Cannonballs). I believe this is because I bought a show or performance instrument and not an everyday practice one. Other than the keys there is nothing wrong with the sax. It still sounds nice after these couple years and there are no bent keys, loose screws, or anything really at all to be of any major concern. 

How much would a new Professional Level saxophone cost?

  I have been a fan of Cannonball for a couple years now, however, I am willing to explore other brands. My friend, who is a great saxophone player (been playing for about 10 years) recommends me to save up the money and buy a Selmer; I personally still have no beef with Cannonbals though. The Cannonball in particular I am looking at is the Big Bell Stone Series Alto (no preferance on the finish if that matters or not). I have heard great things from both companies and bad things as well, though both were few and far in between. Thank you for any imput or recommendations.

Should I even sell my Alto? Wait? Where and How should I go about it if I end up selling (or trading)?

Thank you for any help, response, or advice you may give. Every bit of information helps me make an informed decision!


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    Re: Need Help with Pricing and Advice

    Check out resources on this site.

    Barry Kelsey

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