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I played the saxaphone for about 8 years until graduation of high school. I'd say I'm so-so...I'm not too sharp on theory but I can pick up a new scale pretty quick. I'm really out of practice anways, so not that any of that matters. Anyways, I'm thinking of getting back into playing so I have something fun to work on when I'm not studying. Also, now that summer is here I'd love to be able to take the saxaphone out to parks here and there and jam in nice weather. I played alto, tenor, and baritone. Out of the three, bari was by far my favorite. I don't have a few thousand dollars to spend though. Oh well. I'm thinking of getting a tenor because from my experience alto's just aren't very good for generic jamming. Cheers.

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    Re: hello!

    Hello Jamie, welcome to the board!

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