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3 years ago

Selmer Mark VI Soprano C# Mechanism

I just recently purchased a very nice Selmer Mark VI soprano (141,xxx, for those interested). As I have been practicing on the horn and getting to know how it plays, I have noticed that I have been having some "blips" in my sound while playing fast passages across the middle C#/middle D break. I normally don't have much inconsistency in sound across that break, even on a Series II soprano I once owned. I notice that if I have the bottom stack depressed even the slightest bit, it engages the C# closing vent mechanism, which noticeably flattens the pitch. 

Has anyone had any success with having a repair technician set up this mechanism so that the chances of sound inconsistency are reduced when going across the break?

I completely understand that this could just be a "player problem" and is something I will have to practice and overcome (which I will! Regardless of possible repair solutions). I just figured it would be worth throwing out there to see about other's opinions and experiences. 

Thank you for any advice or help that you're able to offer! 

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