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by markdunn
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19 years ago


has anyone tried a Consoli ligature with the rails on the bottom and if so what is your response to the performance? I use a Rigotti reed for my alto sax and this ligature has been the best I have used but I am always open to new ideas.

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  1. by selmer 4evr
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    19 years ago

    Re: ligatures

    i have tried every ligature in the book from expensive to stock. There is only one that I use and that I would recommend. Here are the requirements. A ligature must squeeze towards the middle not the edges. Rails are the best way of supprting the reed in the middle and permitting it to vibrate freely on the sides ,,,the sides must not be touched by the ligature . The only ligature that I know of that does this is the Bonade see "A Compendium for Clarinet Players" by Daniel Bonade . The inverted version is a little more bright and not as good as the screws in the bottom type ( my preference for classical ). Try as many as you can get your hands on and buy it ,,,,and take good care of it. be careful not to stretch it .

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