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13 years ago

How long is your New Wonder, Big Boy?

I have seen some information on the Web that seems to indicate that Conn made a major design improvement to the strait Bb soprano sometime in 1929. I am not clear on what the correct terminology for this revised design is, but apparently the sax is slightly longer and thinner than its predecessor. Some have referred to it as the “Stretch” model. I recently purchased a Conn Soprano marked S / M226xxx / L (in a shield). I believe that the horn dates from 1929. It has the nail file G# key, and it measures exactly 26 3/8” edge to edge. Can anyone tell me if mine is the traditional New Wonder Series II, or the later “Stretch” design? How does your Conn measure up? Thanks for your listening, Terry

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  1. by jtf1459
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    12 years ago

    Re: How long is your New Wonder, Big Boy?

    A notable internet sax retailer tells me that his 192k Conn New Wonder Series II soprano measures 25 5/8”. This would seem to confirm that Conn made a significant design change at the end of the decade, and that my sax is one of the later (improved?) design. He also claims that vintage sopranos perform well only with large-chambered mouthpieces. This would include vintage pieces refaced to a playable opening, or large-chambered modern pieces of which there apparently very few. He especially recommends the Morgan Classical. Anybody else own one of these 26 ¼” Conns? What is your opinion of it? What mouthpiece works well with it? Anybody used the Morgan Classical with any vintage soprano? Thanks.

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