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by mcinae
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13 years ago

Vintage Selmer Glass Mouthpiece

I've got a Selmer glass mouthpiece that came with a Vintage 1936 King Voll-True II Eb Alto Sax. The mouthpiece has Selmer in cursive writing and a capital B proceeds the signature. Can anybody help me place this and give me a ball park on what it's worth? Thanks. Secondly, I have a Equa-True King 'A' mouthpiece. Anybody know if it's worth anything? Thanks.

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  1. by definition
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    13 years ago

    Re: Vintage Selmer Glass Mouthpiece

    can you email me a picture of the glass piece? Thats intrigueing. I should be able to help ya out if I can get a picture. Local here where I live is a GURU like no other on Selmer mpcs. The King Equa tru is worth what ppl are willing to give you, but dont expect tons.

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  2. by alesax
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    5 years ago

    Re: Vintage Selmer Glass Mouthpiece

    hi! do you want to by a mouthpiece? i need the Equa true.becouse i by this sax model recently! make me an offer and maybe we can make negocio! thanks! my e mail

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