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by EdwinJ
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8 years ago

New here and beginner again

Hello my name is Edwin. When I was young I has a bad child hood constantly beaten by my parents and starved. From as far back as I could remember till I was 11. During the beatings my grandmother got me a sax. I can't specifically remember the brand but I played sax from 4th till 9th and loved every minute of practicing and concerts. 

To make a very long story short my sax was sold for drugs and life got worse. My father committed suicide and I basically gave up on life. Drugs, alcohol, anxiety and depression took over. Over the years life got awesome. Got married, had kids but there has always been a part of me that has missed playing sax. It was always in my mind but I was scared to start playing again. Well I'm 34 now and this year has been very bad. We had a missed carriage, and I've been laid off twice this year. I had a sax on layaway which was a 1920 gold plated buescher in like mint condition but was unable to pay it off because I got laid off again 4 days ago. 

The sax shop I had it at even took the money I had on it. No refund deposit. I ended up trading my Xbox one gaming setup for a 1980 Yamaha YAS 23 that needed some work. I found a sax shop who took it in and understood my situation and he's fixing it up for me but at a lower cost.

Needs 1 pad replaced and a tune up. Some pads were not sitting right and was leaking air. Hes been around for 40 years and came highly recommended. He's charging me between 40-50 to make it playable.

Well so much for a short story. Anyways I'm 34 and I'm sitting here waiting for a call to pick up my sax because I would really love to play again and my goals are to become a professional player, also would love to play Christian music for the church, be apart of the local musical group that plays concerts and does musical charity events.

The sax is not in the best condition. While the pads are great and there are no dents the sax has been repaired from a joint split and it's very scratched up and has tons of wear. But on a side note from what he played for me at the shop it sounds perfect. 

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  1. by kelsey
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    8 years ago

    Re: New here and beginner again

    Edwin, the Yamaha 23 is a good choice. Welcome back to the saxophone. Good luck with your plans.

    Barry Kelsey

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