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by straightj
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19 years ago

Classical Setup for Alto

I need suggestions of a good setup for classical music for Alto Saxophone. This is mouthpiece, ligature, reed, and even a good saxophone to go with it. Thanks for your input.

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  1. by skriggety
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    19 years ago

    Re: Classical Setup for Alto

    To be truthful, there really is no one solution that will work for every player. Every player has a unique facial geometry, lung capacity, and desired sound, so what works for Otis Murphy, Rousseau, Formeau, Londeix, Harle, McAllister, etc...may not necessarily be what you need. Generally speaking, mouthpieces by Eugene Rousseau (NC4), Selmer (C*-D), and Vandoren are very dependable and play well in tune, although there are so many technological advances constantly occuring that it's difficult to know exactly what's out there. I personally play on a Rousseau mouthpiece, BG Traditional ligature, Glotin Reeds, and a Yamaha 875EX Alto, but I have heard phenomenal players perform on all different sorts of equipment. Many people feel that you need to play authentic equipment, like Rascher mouthpieces and old Buescher saxophones, but to me that just adds another unnecessary element of difficulty. But, to each his own. Really, the only sure thing is consistent practice: evaluate your options as well as you can, try as many products as are available to you, and then stick with your choice. Frequent equipment changes are definitely detrimental to consistently producing a good sound, so it's wise to purchase the best equipment you can afford, and learn the ins and outs of the setup that you choose. (Although I do recommend Yamaha saxophones and Rousseau mouthpieces to my students, since I personally prefer them, any equipment they can bring in and sound good with is OK with me) Good Luck with whatever you choose, I think there is a little too much brand elitism in the world of saxophone playing today, considering that there are so many quality products available. We're all on the same team, really.

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