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by Saxreunion
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12 years ago

Please help me get reacquainted to playing

I am 45 years old. Played from 6th grade and into college. Haven't played in 22 yrs. I have an old Bundy alto that I played in the '70's. I want to relearn before buying right now, but I was never happy with the tone. What can I do to this horn temporarily to get at least some type of improved tone? Mouthpiece suggestions? I like everything from pop, rock, to light jazz. I am also looking to rent a tenor and see what I want to buy first. What do you recommend?

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  1. by jamterry
    (573 posts)

    12 years ago

    Re: Please help me get reacquainted to playing

    being that you had such a long layoff, i think a great deal of your problem is a weak embochure. try the softest rico reed available. i heard that the rico graftonite moutpiece is easy to play through and affordable. i don't know anything about horns, but i'm sure that somebody will advise you. best of luck to you :)

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    1. by connsaxman_jim
      (2336 posts)

      12 years ago

      Re: Please help me get reacquainted to playing

      the mouthpiece would definately make a difference, and the Rico Royal Graftonite is an affordable mouthpiece that plays very well, and is a little brighter than your stock mouthpiece. I would definately give it a try. Have you had the sax checked for leaks and adjustment problems? If not, you may want to. After sitting for a while, you could have some problems with pads. The Bundy is certainly good enough to learn on, and re-develope your embouchre. If you're looking to rent a new tenor, I would suggest you try a Yamaha YTS 475 or a YTS 62. I really think they're an excellent value, and a good quality horn. Jim

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