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by LiquidGold09
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7 years ago

New here and need some advice!

I purchased a Buescher Aristocrat Sax from an antique shop recently and was wondering if anybody could let me know if it's worth fixing. The serial is 619334.

It didn't have a neck or mouth piece. There is some green corrosion on the inside and when I took it in for estimated repair it was around $300 to remove the corrosion because it needs some acid bath. Can't remember if he mentioned any other repairs.

I've been told that I don't NEED to remove the corrosion, but I just wanted to be sure. All the flaps seem to work ok, I haven't looked at it in a while so I can't say for sure at this moment. 

I've always wanted to play sax and it seemed like a good impulse, especially for $80.Any advice would be appreciate. I know at that price I could probably just buy a new Yamaha YAS-23 or 26, so I'm just wondering what my best route would be. 

Thank you,

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  1. by mijderf
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    7 years ago

    Re: New here and need some advice!

    Hi, the Aristocrat you purchased is a student level horn.  There is some debate about green corrosion, and whether must be removed.  I have read a lot of the discussions, and I believe that it should be removed, it does not act to prevent further corrosion, and it does attack the brass.  If your horn came with a neck, I would probably recommend having it acid bathed (as long as there are no other major issues like a repad in the near future).  But the neck issue to me makes this a bad way to go.  Properly fitting necks are not easy to find, and those that have them want a pretty high price for them.  I have not seen any necks offered for less that about $200 with many at a higher price.

    I think your $300 could turn into $500+ pretty quickly.  In my opinion, you would be better off to get a good used horn like you mention at a reputable dealer that has put the horn into good playing condition, and I stress the good playing condition part.  I have seen some good student altos around $500 at some dealers.  I would not recommend buying one off Ebay since you will pay the $500 and then likely be looking at additional repair work. 

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