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by 492vs
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12 years ago

Martin Bb Soprano Tuning - Dumb ?

I just picked up a Martin Handcraft Bb Sop, this is the first SOP that I have owned. I attempted to tune the horn with a tuning meter but my A blows a G? Is it that my embouchure is so bad that I am blowing one step low or is the fingering different on this horn? Thanks for your help.

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    12 years ago

    Re: Martin Bb Soprano Tuning - Dumb ?

    What kind of tuner are you using? Is the tuner set to Bb pitch? If it's set to concert C (A=440) pitch, an A WOULD be a G on a Bb instrument. Remember, you're in the key of Bb, so therefore you a 2 chromatic steps BELOW C! So play an A, subtract 2 chromatic steps, and there's your G!

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