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13 years ago

wireless systems

I'm using a sdsystem mic and want to use a wireless system with it. Sure, sennheiser etc? I don't know where to begin. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. by zootspiker
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    13 years ago

    Re: wireless systems

    Just picked up a Shure XLR and so far so good. I contacted Shure who put me in touch with their distributor who contacted the retailer on my behalf and was treated very well. I got the SLX14/Beta 98 $750.00 out the door with tax. i'm gigging with two bands: Sports Bars clubs etc with a lot of cell phone; Sat dish interference etc. ; and decided the combination of compression in the mic and redundancy in the receiver was worth the extra bucks. I use a key board amp (Peavey ecoustic which I'm NOT totally happy with; but, the Shure set up is spot on. Any suggestions on amps would be greatly appreciated. (Blues/Rock) Subtle to screamin'.
    Michael Krechevsky
    King Silversonic Tenor

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    1. by quotarie
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      12 years ago

      Re: wireless systems

      I'm using a SD Systems LM85 microphone for the last 15 years. The mic is placed on the bell. Until recently with a standard pre-amp at my belt and a cable to the panel. Since May I'm using a wireless Senheiser EW 100 system (it was on offer for euro 350,00 without microphone) in combination with my SD Systems microphone. The Senheiser set is originally for gitar but if you replace the large plug of the microphone for a small plug you'r done. Plug and play. At the SD Systems site "" they show al the possibilities in a wirungdiagram. The Senheiser site "" shows the range of transmitters. I'm very pleased with the freedom on stage. Kind regards, Arie Bottinga, Holland.

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