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by rickonsax
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12 years ago

Hi, I am new to the sax

I am 47 years old and a profesional drum instructor. I have always wanted to play sax and I finally started lessons about three months ago. I love playing this instrument and am honestly clueless about so many things. I have a selmer AS300 and and the mouthpiece that came with it. I practice quite a bit, but am having so much trouble with squeeks and not being able to make the thing blow that I want to get a better mouth piece. My instructor says to find a mouthpiece with an "open lay" but beyond that, he was not very specific. would one of you pro's out there have any advice for this beginning sax student? I am a pro musician but now a beginner as well. Thank you for anything you would be willing to share.

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  1. by kneejerk52
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    12 years ago

    Re: Hi, I am new to the sax

    just this, take what you have to a store, get something different, as to opening and bore. try different reeds. what works for one might not for the other. part of the reason is everyones mouth, that is the inside which creates the airstream is different. so, we all have different needs to some extent. have fun, play long tones

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